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Release Notes

New Features and Improvements:

  • Scene Hierarchy Enhancements: Improved management and visibility of scene hierarchies.
  • Tool Development and Experimental Features: Introduced and enhanced various tools, including:
  • Road Tool Enhancements: Significant improvements and debug fixes, including roadmark color/material features, junction fixes, and intersection bounds adjustments.
  • Prop Management Tools: Enhancements in prop manipulation tools, such as prop curve deletion and polygon cleanup.
  • Material and Texture Tools: Updates to material exporter, texture field bug fixes, and material field preview improvements.
  • Lane and Junction Management Tools: New functionalities and fixes in lane link management, including lane width tool fixes, junction creation refinements, and one-way junction tests.
  • Measurement and Debugging Tools: Improved measurement tool functionalities and refactoring of debugging services.
  • Point Marking and Surface Tools: Fixes and improvements in point marking and surface tools for better usability.
  • Crosswalk Tool: Introduced enhancements and bug fixes for more accurate crosswalk management.
  • Asset and Environment Management: Asset loading improvements and environmental configuration adjustments for a smoother development experience.
  • Cleanup and Refactoring: Extensive code cleanup and refactoring for better maintainability and performance, including removal of unused inspectors and code deduplication.

Key Bug Fixes:

  • Junction and Road Link Fixes: Addressed issues with junction creation, road linking, and intersection bounds to ensure accurate road network representations.
  • Material and Texture Fixes: Fixed bugs related to material previews and texture handling to maintain consistency and visual quality.
  • Lane and Prop Adjustments: Solved problems related to lane marking, prop positioning, and curve adjustments for enhanced scene accuracy.
  • General Stability and Performance Improvements: Implemented fixes for miscellaneous bugs and performance issues to enhance overall application stability.


  • Documentation and Testing: Updated documentation and expanded test cases to cover new features and bug fixes.
  • Infrastructure and Build Enhancements: Improvements to the development environment, including updates to Node versions and package management.